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Insurance Company Meets Customer Satisfaction Goal with Toshiba's Strata CIX IP Business Telephone System

November 28, 2012

Customer satisfaction is one of the key metrics for a professional insurance and liability company like Crow Friedman Group.

In its quest for a competent business communication system that would help it achieve customer service excellence goals, the company zeroed in on Toshiba's Strata CIX Voice over IP business telephone system, and in no time the system proved its worth.

According to Toshiba (News - Alert) America Information Systems (TAIS), its Strata

 CIX Voice over IP business telephone system helped Crow Friedman Group save more than $100,000 annually.

The system also reportedly helped improve the productivity of the company’s 1,800 employees housed in its offices across Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia.

In a recent statement, an insurance company’s assistant vice president and operations manager, Ruth Hardimon, said his department sought a business telephone system capable of satisfying seven communication needs:

  1. Networking of all four locations, delivering centralized applications including voicemail, automated attendant and remote administration
  2. Mobility for its sales force with softphones on their laptops and mobile devices
  3. Ability to see the status of station extensions across the network for all users, regardless of location
  4. Ability for one receptionist to handle incoming calls for all locations, with easy transfer capabilities
  5. Unified Communications (News - Alert) so users can receive voice messages and faxes in their e-mail boxes
  6. Easy routing of calls to the right person with direct-extension dialing
  7. Ability to support hundreds of inbound and outbound calls every week

Memphis, Tenn.-based communication consultant, Mark Tygesson, recommended Toshiba not only for its brand value, but for its proven capabilities. And the Toshiba solution lived up to the expectation.

Toshiba's Strata CIX telephone systems enabled the networking of all four locations, delivering centralized applications including voicemail, automated attendant and remote system administration.

With Toshiba’s SoftIPT Softphones, Crow Friedman’s sales team has achieved dependable mobility. Team members can now take their business telephones with them wherever they go in the form of Toshiba's SoftIPT softphones on their laptops or smartphones. Utilizing Internet access, they have all the same features and functionality of their desk telephones while on the road, including the ability to make calls, answer calls, transfer calls, access voicemail and hold conference calls.

Then with presence on the Toshiba telephones, it's now easy for Crow Friedman's geographically dispersed employees to see who is on the phone or is available for a call.

Seeing the status of an extension at a glance helps improve internal efficiency.

Crow Friedman's employees, who have been using Toshiba business products for a long time, had familiarity with the Toshiba products. So when it was time for a new business telephone system, Toshiba was the first choice with regard to ease of use and reliability.

The Strata CIX systems empower Crow Friedman's employees to communicate more effectively with customers, vendors and each other.

"Together, Toshiba and CommWorld of Memphis delivered on our key objectives of a reliable and affordable business telephone system with mobility, centralized applications, and Presence capabilities. With Toshiba and CommWorld of Memphis, we have a winning combination,” Hardimon noted in a statement.

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Edited by Braden Becker

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