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Edimax Introduces New Modem Touted as Being Six Times Faster than a Standard Modem

February 01, 2013

The Indian market will soon be getting a versatile and redesigned wireless modem router that is reliable, efficient and cost-effective, thanks to Edimax Technology. The AR-7186WnA/B wireless modem router has specifically been designed for the Indian market and comes with wireless 802.11n speeds of up to 15 Mbps which makes it a perfect fit for homes and businesses looking for an efficient and low cost networking system.

The ADSL2+ modem router is equipped with a five dBi detachable high gain antenna, making it a high performance and robust device and comes bundled with a plethora of features such as advanced MIMO technology, built-in virtual server, DMZ features, Wi-Fi protected Setup (WPS) and IP sharing.

The modem supports ASDSL standards, ADSL 1/2/2+ and has a more enhanced coverage due to its high-gain antenna. For online gamers or those who use VoIP phones and any other applications that use open ports, the DMZ and virtual server ensure security of the network.  In computer security, Demilitarized Zones (DMZ) are necessary if you need to offer more access to a larger network, such as the Internet, while offering an additional layer of security. While all devices connected to the Internet are at risk of being compromised, DMZ ensures that machines most vulnerable to attack are placed into their own sub-network, essentially a demilitarized zone, to protect the rest of the network from intrusion.

 By incorporating MIMO technology, AR-7186WnA/B fits in the class of being one of the fastest wireless routers in the market. This smart technology offers significant increases in data throughput and link range without having to increase bandwidth or transmit power.

The AR-7186WnA/B can be utilized for a range of network devices such as smart TVs, PCs and game consoles while still supporting shared content, printers and multimedia on computers.

With data rates faster by six times and coverage to three times that of a regular and standard router, the AR-7186WnA/B is expected to start shipping in March 2013, will cost $50 and comes with a three-year warranty.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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