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SIP Trunking Services Provide Significant ROI

February 27, 2013

These days, more and more business are looking to leverage SIP trunking technology to usher in next generation of communications and collaboration. But, while many early adopters and fast followers have reaped the benefits of the technology in the past few years, it has yet to catch on with the majority of businesses. Some companies probably know little about the technology, and many are likely unaware that, in addition to technological benefits, the deployment of a SIP trunk can actually save a great deal of money for a business. And in this day and age, when many companies are looking for every possible opportunity to cut spending, this is an option that should appeal to everyone.

The question arises, then, how companies can determine how much money they can save. Knowing the numbers can help decision makers see exactly how much money they stand to save with the deployment. Fortunately, many providers of SIP trunking, session border controller, and other related technologies provide Return on Investment (ROI) calculators that can help companies get a firmer grasp on potential savings.

One company that has a SIP trunking ROI calculator is Level 3 Communications (News - Alert). Level 3 is a company that builds, protects and manages networks to connect everyone within an enterprise. Its ROI calculator is a simple-to-use demo that asks a few questions about your company including the number of sites and employees you have, the time zone your workers occupy, and some specifics about your calling plans (you can use industry averages if you are unsure). The tool then calculates how much you would save per month in dollars and percentage.

Session border controller expert Sonus Networks (News - Alert) has a similar SIP trunking ROI calculator. Once again, you fill in the number of sites based on how large they are and you can get a basic number. I tried it and I got a 39 percent savings! There is also an advanced section where you can fill in additional information to get a more specific number tailored to your needs.

With these tools, decision makers can see the actual, tangible savings that SIP trunking deployments can deliver. Numbers are persuasive, and when companies see the savings potential of this technology, it is bound to catch on at an even faster pace.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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