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What's Got Companies Interested In Unified Communications?

June 20, 2014

One major priority for businesses over the course of the last several years has been the consideration of bringing in unified communications (UC) systems. While in many cases the consideration has been about where the process stops, there have been some firms who have adopted the systems and put same into general practice. While full adoption hasn't gone as far as some expected, CloudIQ launched a survey of nearly 1,000 professionals back at the end of 2013, and recently offered up quite a bit of insight as to what's slowing the progress of UC in business.

One of the key points of the study discovered that it's not so much a matter of not having plans to bring in UC systems, it's a matter of not having plans to do so right now. The survey showed that 84 percent of those surveyed had plans to establish UC systems—or were at least considering doing so—in the next one to three years. For most organizations, the biggest reason why UC wasn't already in place was because users were working to select the right system, as around 85 percent of those surveyed called making that selection an obstacle to some degree. Of lesser concern, but still of some concern, was selecting the right provider, determining feature priorities and getting employees on board with the system.

Certain features also became clearly important to those who hadn't brought in UC systems as yet; audio and Web collaboration and conferencing systems were high priority for 51 percent of firms, while unified messaging was next at 46 percent. 41 percent wanted video calling and conferencing systems while 39 percent were eager for instant messaging and presence systems. 28 percent called for find-me-follow-me systems and a general “other” rang in for 13 percent.

What's more, there was a fairly general split along certain issues that all companies were looking to get in UC to address. Just over half—53 percent—offered bring your own device (BYOD) programs, and just under half—47 percent—of businesses with work from home programs offered UC programs already. For firms that didn't have work from home programs in place, 34 percent were using UC programs already.

The survey showed some very critical key points in terms of why businesses were and weren't putting UC into place, and perhaps the biggest point is that there aren't that many businesses planning to just ignore UC outright. It's likely the case that these businesses have already heard the benefits of bringing in a UC program, and are eager to take advantage of those benefits accordingly. But by like token, there's a lot that goes into establishing a UC program—companies see issues from figuring out just which provider to go with to getting employees on board fully—and that in turn takes a lot of effort and resources just to consider properly how to bring UC into the operation. We have videos on this and a variety of other topics available at this link.

UC is a fairly big change. It presents a lot of new options for users, and as such, it needs to be fully considered. That's something that the companies are clearly hard at work on, and before too much longer has passed, we'll likely see a lot more in the way of companies putting UC to work.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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